New cover CD and tutorial in 3D World and Linux Format

3D World and Linux Format publish an extensive tutorial for Realsoft 3D in their first issues this year. In the tutorial, Tim Borgmann explains some techniques behind his awarded abstract images, which can be seen at . The magazines also include Realsoft 3D v.4.5 Personal License in their cover disks and a great upgrade offer to the latest product version 5.


Season's Greetings

Warm thanks to our customers and partners for your support.

During this year 2005, two free service packs were released. They included some important new features, such as the new user interface look with customizeable 32-bit icons. However, most development efforts were already targeted to the next version 6, which will become available during the second half of 2006. Many thanks for the useful feedback, which you have sent to us via email and the user forums.

We look forward continuing the co-operation with you during the year 2006.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Service Pack 2

Realsoft Graphics has released the Service Pack 2 for Realsoft 3D version 5. The new version improves the overall performance of the software and introduces some important new features.

Service Pack 2 gives a major facelift for the user interface look of Realsoft 3D. The program now includes several alpha-blended 32 bit icon sets to suit various tastes and display resolutions. Customization is easy: any tool icon can be changed simply by replacing the respective image file in the icon folder.

Another major improvement is seamless compatibility with SynthEyes motion tracker. The tracking data is imported as a JavaScript program, which automatically sets up the camera with an animated backdrop sequence and other necessary scene details. The user only has to hit the play button to check out the results of the tracking.

SP2 for Windows platforms is available for the registered users of version 5 at the Software Updates area of Linux and Irix versions will be released in the near future.


Service Pack 1 for V5 Released

The Service Pack 1 for Realsoft 3D version 5 on Windows is now available in the Software Updates area of SP1 fixes most program errors, which have been reported to Realsoft after the initial release of version 5. As a free bonus to our loyal customers, some frequently asked new features has been included as well.

One of the new features of SP1 is support for new true color icons. A Windows XP compatible example icon set is available in the Software Updates area. A toolkit, which allows use of the new icons on other operating systems (i.e on those platforms, which do not support alpha channel of icons) will be released in the near future.

The improvements of the Service Pack 1 are already included into the versions for other platforms (Linux, Irix, Mac OSX). Realsoft's development efforts will now be focused on making V5 for these platforms available as soon as possible.


Seasons Greetings

Thank you for your support during the year 2004. The new Realsoft 3D version 5 was just released successfully, and a new Service Pack release and the Linux Version 5 are almost ready for shipping. Also the Mac OSX version development is proceeding well. We look forward delivering you new software versions in the beginning of the next year.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

The Realsoft Team


Realsoft 3D V.5 for Windows Shipping

The Windows version of the new Realsoft 3D version 5 has been released. Some highlights of the new V5 features:

  • The most accurate hair rendering solution on the market: hairs interact with global illumination, fur details can be examined with a magnifying glass and characters can safely dive under water
  • Automatic, hierarchical, dynamically expandable render network management. Users can, at any time, hook in and out rendering servers and all CPU power becomes automatically used. With the new network rendering tools, user groups can share the management and resources of very large rendering farms easily.
  • Radically improved UV editing toolkit featuring a new, object hierarchy based UV object, which lets you split model geometry into an arbitrary number of overlapping or separate surface areas. UV objects layer locally and efficiently an unlimited amount of textures, shaders and vertex channels.
  • Improved animation interface based on the construction stack approach. The playback window is now loaded with useful functionality for basic animation editing. The choreography editor has also taken a major leap forward, now providing an efficient interface for more advanced animation control.
  • A post shading system. The user can change reflection intensity and color, specular highlights, shadow smoothness and other shading components without going through the time consuming ray tracing phase. The post shading system is open and new object/light source/shader specific controls can be hooked in.
  • Hundreds of speed optimizations and productivity increasing features, such as gradual shader refinement to OpenGL textures as a background thread, undo for all data libraries, general project cleanup (purge) tools, a new painting based edit handle selection, a hole filling tool for easy fixing of imported polygon models, etc.

You can buy the new product version from our Web Shop and from authorized Realsoft 3D dealers.

Pricing (VAT excluded): Realsoft 3D v.5 for Windows 600 EUR/750 USD. Up to 75% educational discounts and a competitive upgrade discount available. For more information about prices, visit the web shop.

Versions for other supported platforms (Linux, SGI Irix, Mac OSX) will be released in the near future.

An updated trial version 5 is under development and will become available at this website in December 2004.


AC3D Import/Export plug-in

Marc Bayer has implemented AC3D import/export plug-in for the linux version of Realsoft3D. You can download the plug-in from the Software Updates / Linux page.


New sublicense program for educational institutes

Nonprofit educational institutes, which own a Realsoft 3D license and arrange graphics courses using Realsoft 3D, can now pass totally free sublicenses to their students.


  • Students can install the software during the course to their own computers.
  • After the course, they can continue using the free license for their own commercial or other productions legally.
  • The students have an option to upgrade the free sub license to their own personal license.

For further information contact:


First pictures of the alpha release of Revolution4D !

Deltaknowledge has been unveiled a new plugin for Realsoft 3D - Revolution4D !

The first snapshots can be seen at Revolution4D pictures.

The plugin brings CAD features in Realsoft3D. Revolution4D is for all Realsoft3D users which need to perform mechanical modeling, architectural design, nurbs design, 3D CAD, etc.


Realsoft Graphics announces new educational prices

The educational license of Realsoft 3D V4.5 for Windows now costs only 150 EUR. The educational price of the Linux version is 100 EUR.

With the new lower prices, Realsoft 3D is even more affordable!

Got an earlier version of Realsoft 3D? Check out our new upgrade pricing. The price of the educational Windows upgrade has been reduced to 100 EUR and Linux to 75 EUR.

And don´t miss this: Customers who have purchased a new license or upgrade this year get Realsoft V5 free of cost when it ships.


New Educational Class Licenses

Realsoft Graphics is pleased to announce two new products for educational licensing:

  • Educational class license for Windows (8 or more seats)
  • Education class license for Linux (8 or more seats)


New Realsoft 3D dealer

Realsoft Graphics welcomes a new authorised dealer, Jean-Michel Desloges located in Seiches Sur Le Loir, France.


Expose 2 success

Tim Borgmann's Microscope and Abstract Art images, created in Realsoft 3D, have been chosen into the respected Exposè 2 book. An image of the abstract series received the Abstract and Design 3D Master Award. Congratulations, Tim!


An update for Realsoft 3D IRIX V4.5 released

The new release supports posix threads and symmetric multi processing. The new revision should render approx. 10% quicker than the old one. Michael Schmeling's plugins included. Registered users can download the new release from Software Updates / IRIX page.


V5 upgrade offer

The release date of version 5 is getting closer. If you purchase a Realsoft 3D v.4.5 license or upgrade now, you will get version 5 free of cost!


HDRI image import plugin released

Henrik Nyqvist has written a plugin which reads HDRI images into Realsoft 3D. He kindly made the plugin available to the user community free of charge. Available for Windows, Linux and IRIX.


Quake3 plug-in released

There is a new plug-in for exporting SDS models to Quake3 arena md3 format. Currently the plug-in is available only for the linux version. Registered linux users can download the plug-in from Software Updates / Linux area.


Greetings of the Season

Warm thanks to our customers and partners for your support. We wish to send special thanks to those prominent users who have contributed in making Realsoft 3D community famous for its friendliness and helpfulness, by developing great plugins, running user forums, writing publications and tutorials, and helping other users in the mailing list.

The new software version 5 will be ready early next year. We look forward continuing the co-operation with you during the year 2004!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The Realsoft Graphics Team


RealMoca - a motion capture plug-in for Realsoft 3D released

DynaDream has released a motion capture plug-in for Realsoft 3D. The plug-in is called RealMoca and it is available for for Windows and Linux platforms.


New plug-in from Dynadream

Carlo Lanzotti from Dynadream has written a new plug-in named SDSpecular for Realsoft 3D. The plug-in is available for Windows and Linux platforms.

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